Vinyl Fabric
eets the requirements of FMVSS 302 Code. We offer OEM vinyl material, PreVaill FireBlock vinyl material, and Kevlar material.  We sell rolls of school bus vinyl material. Please call 800-662-2116 for pricing/availability. The Roll Size is 50 yards. The width of the roll is 66".Below are listed the 3 types of School Bus Material Available:

Standard School Bus Material

Manufactured to the national school bus seating standards and formulated to comply with FMVSS 302 and FMVSS 222 when tested with suitable OEM foam components.

PreVaill Fire Block Material:

Developed as an additional flame blocking upholstery alternative. The perfect alternative to non-woven Kevlar requirements. Formulated to comply with the School Bus Bag Burn Test. This product provides great tailor ability and superior flame blocking performance.

Kevlar Material:

This material prevents penetration of fire into the foam cushioning, and will self-extinguish when the source of fire is removed. The coating has been formulated to give this product high abrasion resistance, fire retardant and low smoke generation properties. In addition to the safety factors, Kevlar is the most vandal resistant fabric ever used in school buses. The puncture resistance is three times that of standard seating fabric and the unique construction makes it difficult to cut and almost impossible to tear.

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