Seat Foams

Meets the requirements of FMVSS 222 and 302 Code which is Federal standards for impact and flammability inside the school bus. The foams meet FMVSS 222 crush test.

Item # High Back Foams

 Item # New York Back Foams

Item # Cushion/Bottom Foams

7007 AmTran HB Foam
7001 Blue Bird HB Foam
7002 Carpenter HB Foam
7008 International HB Foam
7004 Thomas HB Foam
7005 Ward HB Foam
7006 Wayne HB Foam
7007-XL AmTran New York HB Foam
7001-XL Blue Bird New York HB Foam
7002-XL Carpenter New York HB Foam
7008-XL International New York HB Foam
7004-XL Thomas New York Foam
7005-XL Ward New York HB Foam
7006-XL Wayne New York HB Foam
7070 AmTran Cushion Foam
7010 Blue Bird Cushion Foam
7020 Carpenter Cushion Foam
7080 International Cushion Foam
7040 Thomas Cushion Foam
7050 Ward Cushion Foam
7060 Wayne Cushion Foam

Our high density rebond foam backs do not soften or tear over the frame as other virgin foams do. During testing of foams they consistently exceed 250,000 pulls on the rebond without failure. These foams have been tested and pass Impact Code 222 standards.