National Guaranteed Vinyl, Inc. Products

Vinyl Repair Kit

The vinyl repair kit can be used to repair tears, holes, corners, and split seams. A heat gun is used to cure the Liquid Vinyl (compound). This kit can repair a 6" cut in less than 3 minutes. The repairs with this kit are less time consuming than replacing seat covers and less expensive. Read more about our vinyl repair kits.

Vinyl Repair Kits

Vinyl Repair Products

All vinyl repair products used in Vinyl Repair Kit are available to reorder. Including Liquid Vinyl, aerosol vinyl paint premixed to match school bus vinyl material. heat gun (electric or propane), rubber graining pads, palette knife, scissors, fire retardant screen mesh, adhesive cleaner, upholstery pins, DVD/Video,  constructed PVC case, and other items.  Read more about our vinyl repair products.

Seat Covers

Seat covers made of strong and durable heavy-duty vinyl. Meets the requirements of FMVSS 302 Code which is Federal standards for flammability inside the school bus. Colors will match what comes on the bus seats originally. We also offer seat covers with 2" strip of Velcro and allowing a firm positive attachment grip.
Read more about our seat covers.


Seat Foam

Seat Bus Foams have been tested and meets the requirements of FMVSS 222 and 302 Codes which is Federal standards for impact and flammability inside the school bus. These high density rebond foams are long lasting and allows the foam padding not to break down on top, where frame bar will eventually push through the foam. Rebond foam is the highest density foam on the market.  Read more about our seat foams.


Vinyl Fabric

We sell rolls of school bus vinyl material. The roll size is 50 yards. The width of the roll is 66". Meets the requirements of FMVSS 302 Code. We offer OEM vinyl material, PreVaill FireBlock vinyl material, and Kevlar material, all which are manufactured and developed for superior flame blocking performance.  Read more about our vinyl fabrics.