Onsite Service
Onsite Bus Seat Repair Texas

National Guaranteed Vinyl, Inc. would like to take this opportunity to introduce ourselves and familiarize you with our school bus maintenanceprogram. Our main office in Huntsville, Texas is able to provide courteous onsite service when it is convenient for you. We bring 25+ years of experience to onsite school bus seat upholstry, repairs & foam replacements. We're here to help.

Please consider the following three reasons for National Guaranteed Vinyl's quality school bus seat maintenance service.

  1. Saving time and money: Most transportation departments would rather use their skilled professionals in other repair departments. There is NO need of training your employees or ordering the vast amount of supplies needed in order to properly install materials. Our trained professionals come to your facility to replace and repair your school bus seat covers in a timely manner. Bringing 25+ years to this field, you can be rest assured of the time and money your facility will be saving.
  2. Meets and exceeds FMVSS & MVSS302 regulations: We are the only company to install the highest quality total rebond foam. The rebond foams are completely wrapped in Typar fabric to repel moisture and preventing dry rot. The foam contains styrofoam knee impact wedges and a thick canvas insert, which prevents the frame of the seat from pushing through thus breaking down and becoming unsafe. The vinyl we use meets and exceeds MVSS302 fire codes and fire block capabilities.
  3. Guaranteed Service: All seat covers, foams and vinyl repairs are guaranteed against any defects in workmanship N.G.V.'s maintenance crew will replace any boards, brackets and/or board panels at the time of service. All work is completed at your facility. Flexible maintenance schedules at your convenience including annually, biannually and monthly. To schedule an onsite estimate, please call 1-800-662-2116.

National Guaranteed Vinyl, Inc.'s main concern in replacing seat back foams and vinyl cover is safety. A seat is more than a place for a child to sit. It must be designed as a part of a compartment and made as total seat assembly. The rebond foam we supply meet and exceeds the impact codes of the National Safety Standards. The purpose of this standard is to reduce the number of deaths and the severity of injuries that result from the impact of the school bus occupants against structures within the vechile during crashes and sudden driving maneuvers. We help hundreds of schools every year make it as safe as possible for their children to ride a school bus everyday.